1st and 2nd
July 2017

22nd, 23rd and 24th
September 2017


Aske Horse Trials Needs You!

Eventing relies on a great "behind the scenes" team to make each event a success.  Whether it's helping with ground works or making tea! It is a great sport to be involved in - if you are in to horses or just like to be outdoors, we can always do with extra pairs of hands to help.  If you have lots of energy and want to get stuck in to make this event a memorable one, although we can't pay you, we can guarantee a great fun weekend with like minded folk.  Get in touch with Michelle Clough on 07792505387 or email southerlyeventing@outloook.com.

Please become part of our 2018 team of wonderful people who help keep Aske alive. We still need fence judges, tea and coffee run team, scorers and arena party for the showjumping. So if you feel you might be able to help then please get in touch. 

Volunteers for Aske 2017 can you join them for 2018 ?

Sarah Tubbs, Ant Tubbs, John Moutrey, Lynne Chapman, Katie Bullock & John, Richard Morris, Nigel Reilly, Ben Moutrey, Michelle Clough, Peter Hurley, Ellen & Des McGraw, Brian Wainwright, Amanda Monteith, Faye Stephenson, Steve Archer, Sue & Elaine. All the dressage writers, collectors and stewards (this will be updated once I have the list). Justine Castle, Colin & Penny Saint, 

Special Mentions - Claire Hirst Photography, Gareth Sutterby & his team for OHS, White Rose Timing, Score collectors from TRF Trail Bike Fellowship who we could'nt do without. 

Volunteers at Aske 2016 

Sarah Tubbs, Ant Tubbs, Richard Morris, Harriet & Emma,  John & Ben Moutrey, Lynne Chapman and gang, Colin & Penny Saint, Elle & Des McGraw, Aggy, Sue & Elaine, Sally Herron, Rebecca Keillor, Justyn Castle & Caroline Clayton, Anne Clayton, White Rose Team, Charlotte Burnham, Lorraine Maulding, Helen Orton, Jane Uzzell, Lois Crump, Kate & Chris Wade,  Eve Wilson, Wendy & Estella, Jilla horseman, Penny Thompson, Kate Snaith, Faye Stephenson, Shelly McKenna, Hilary McKenna, Pete Hurley, Michelle Clough, Heather Reid, Chris Rogers & Mum, Linda Kendrick, Norma & Rose, Dianne Lundy, Donna Dobson & Friend, Helen Evans, Beth Johnson, Lizzie Reid, Victoria & Peter Asprey,  Mary & Toni Walters, Lucy Stokoe, Ellie Andrew, Debbie Benkiron, Julie Walker & Richard Tuck, Eleanor Acaster, Brian & Christine Thompson, Claire Walton

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